Candid Wedding Photography by Anshum M Photography

“Candid Wedding Photography” a term often spoken of, even more often heard of, and yet rarely understood!

“Ek minute madam… hold… haan, zara idhar dekhiye… smile” (Could you hold that pose for a minute ma’am… look here and smile please),
“Sir aap zara unke gale mein haath daaliye … ab idhar dekhiye” (Sir could you put your arms around ma’am and look here please)

Do these words ring a bell? They’re not the rarest words you’d hear at an Indian Wedding in Mumbai or a Wedding in Bangalore, are they? This has been the traditional face of Wedding Photography in India

But Wedding Photography is about more than just documenting an event or capturing smiling faces looking into the camera. Its NOT about fake smiles or re-enactments of real moments that were missed. It IS about being able to capture decisive moments and emotions in their purest, most un-adulterated form. It is about making the bride, the groom and their families look back at the special day and feel great about how good they looked. Its about telling a visual story in a manner that makes every wedding look like a fairytale one. And that is precisely what Candid Wedding Photography is all about.

Anshum M Photography is a venture by a 32 year old Artist, Photographer and Entrepreneur – Anshum Mandore, who specializes in Candid & Artistic Wedding Photography. One of the requisites of Candid Photography is the ability to make the subjects feel at ease around the camera, an Art that Anshum has mastered. Moreover, owing to his professional background, he has the required communication and interpersonal skills that allow him to blend in with the crowd at any given event despite the camera. Candid Wedding Photography is also totally un-obtrusive and thus preserves the sanctity of the Wedding. There are no interruptions by the photographer during the ceremonies, you are never asked to smile, look at the camera or freeze for the camera.

Having to shoot Candidly also means that there is no possibility of planning shots. No possibility of applying a standard set of camera settings or using large lights set in a particular place. Simply put, Candid Wedding Photography needs the photographer to have excellent technical skills at photography. He must know how to get great looking pictures even in low light, he must know how to use the ambient light to his advantage to get natural looking pictures, he must know how to compose his image quickly to get aesthetically pleasing results.. and a lot more. Hence the resultant pictures are technically superior to traditional wedding photographs at every level.

Anshum M Photography has so far undertaken assignments for Wedding Photography in Pune, Wedding Photography in Mumbai, Wedding Photography in Delhi, Wedding Photography in Hyderabad, Wedding Photography in Kolkatta, Wedding Photography in Udaipur, Wedding Photography in Jodhpur, Wedding Photography in Jaipur, Wedding Photography in Goa and a number of other locations across India. Click here to know what our clients and fans are saying about us.


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