Reshma & Sahitya

A charming young couple tying the knot this November in the beautiful locales of our hilltop paradise – Mahabaleshwar! When Reshma called me a few days back, I was very flattered to know that she wanted me to do a pre-nup shoot for them and cover their wedding despite having already booked another photographer for the wedding as well. Apparently she’d seen a previous couple shoot and loved it.

What ensued was a mad rush and the quickest little couple shoot i think i’ll ever do 🙂 Sahitya lives in Delhi and was visiting Pune for a few days. He was scheduled to leave yesterday evening and just yesterday morning they decided to go ahead with the shoot. The constraints: hardly any time, no exotic locations and most importantly – no time to get to know the couple properly. This whole shoot was wrapped up within 2 hours after we left Reshma’s home. A lot of the credit goes to the couple. It was apparent that they were quite camera shy and didn’t know me well enough to be comfortable working with me. Yet, i personally think they did a great job. Did the results turn out well? Thats for you to decide!

Update: Photographs from Reshma & Sahitya’s beautiful Mahabaleshwar Wedding added