Ganpati Visarjan (Anant Chaturdashi) 2011


This series of photos was shot yesterday on ‘Anant Chaturdashi’, the eleventh day of the Hindu Festival of Ganesh Utsav. The festival is celebrated in many parts of India, but nowhere with as much fervour and zeal as in the Indian state of Maharashtra. For ten days idols of the Hindu God ‘Ganesh’ or ‘Ganpati’ are installed in homes and in public places and worshipped with a variety of rituals. On the elevent day, the idols are carried to a water body such as a lake, river or the ocean and are immersed in the water to signify the daparting of the God from a physical medium into spirit.

Before immersion the idols are usually led to the water body by a procession. The entire process can last a few hours or even a full day. Men and women in colourful traditional attire perform salutations and feats in the procession and 100’s of drums resonate in unision to produce music and sound that can as much be felt as it can be heard.

Photography may be my career now, but it started as a passion and it will always continue to be the one thing i love doing most. This is one of the numerous shoots that I did for no-one but myself.

Shivgarjana: Ganpati Visarjan

A Member of Pune’s Shivgarjana Dhol Troupe on the occassion of Ganesh Visarjan (Immersion)