Photography Training & Workshops

With the advent of digital photography and the consequent exponentially easier access to high-quality photography equipment, there is a growing interest in photography as a hobby and even as a vocation. A number of renowned institutions are now offering full-time diploma’s and certified PG courses in Photography ranging from 6 months to 2 years duration. However a very small portion of those interested in photography have the time or resources to attend a full-time program or only intend to pursue it as a hobby and so are unwilling to invest the time or resources. For such people, we offer the perfect solution in the form of our beginner and intermediate level workshops in photography.

Often invited as a guest lecturer for some of the aforementioned professional courses, Anshum has a keen understanding of the subject and 20 plus years of experience pursuing photography first as a hobby and then as a profession. Add to that his love for teaching, ease with speaking before large audiences and an uncanny ability to think from a laypersons point of view and simplify the subject matter accordingly; and its pretty much the recipe for some great learning sessions. Having trained over 200 photographers over the last 6 years, some of whom have even taken photography up as a career, our workshops have received some great reviews thus far.

AM Photography Beginners Workshops are usually conducted over a single weekend and Advanced Workshops over several. Workshops consist of classroom ‘technical’ sessions followed by hands-on outdoor practical shoots. We conduct 4-6 workshops a year but are unfortunately unable to plan and publish a schedule for our workshops for the whole year since training is not our mainstay. But for the keen, we also provide one-on-one training and custom, private workshops for small groups and corporates.

If you are interested in learning photography, please fill out your details below and allow us to get in touch with you.