Better Photography – Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014-2015

With millions of weddings taking place each year in India and the consequent multi-billion dollar wedding industry, a number of competitive platforms for various wedding related industries have sprung up over the years. For the Wedding Photography Industry in India, the ‘Better Photography – Wedding Photographer of the Year’ award is considered pretty much the epitome of all such platforms and awards.

At AM Photography we have largely stayed away from such competitive platforms mainly because each entry into any such competition requires a significant amount of preparation and the consequent investment of time and effort is a luxury we have seldom been able to afford. In 2015 however, on a whim, and hurriedly, with little preparation we sent in our entries for the Better Photography – Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014-2015. To be honest we were ourselves surprised when a few days later we received a call to let us know that we’d been nominated. The finale was a shootout (no bullets involved) in Goa between the top 6 nominations, ourselves included. And the rest, as they say, is history! We had the immense honour of receiving the ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year 2014 – 15’ award for 1 of 6 themes, the achievement we’re proudest of on the journey so far as Wedding Photographers.

Feels good to be loved…

“Planning a wedding in a short period of 2 months is stressful as it is and in the middle of all the madness my sister-in-law-to-be suggested that we hire a professional wedding photographer. My fiancée and I went through a few pages on Facebook of such wedding photographers and I was more than convinced that I really wanted one to cover our wedding too. Anshum had covered a family friend’s wedding and was one of the photographers we were considering.

The next thing was the budget and very frankly our parents almost swooned when we mentioned the kind of budget we were looking at and being traditional they never imagined a photographer would charge so much. But as Anshum puts it, families never plan a budget for photography when they plan for everything else and it is only the photographs which remain for posterity. And today after being through this roller-coaster ride and drama of planning and going through the wedding, all that remains from that day are the photographs which have come to become invaluable memories.

Anshum did a fantastic job and like I mentioned to him, I have never felt so beautiful or photogenic in a picture before. He has also captured a few precious moments through his viewfinder which totally made it all worth it.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for candid photographers to cover special moments of their life. In fact, one does not need to recommend him, his work speaks for itself. He is quite professional, does not mince words and is as candid when he talks about his work as he is with his photographs! One always wants the best of everything for their wedding which is a once in a lifetime event and I think we got one for ours.

Thank you Anshum!”
– Shobana Jayaraman, Bride

“Our Wedding was Perfect !!! Lovely Families , Amazingly Sweet Friends , Food , Fun , Happiness and most importantly all these special moments being captured by truly awesome & very talented photographers. A special note of ‘THANKS” to u for turning our special day into truly cherishable memories with such wonderful pictures…!!!! Everyone has loved them & it surely gets a huge smile on their faces every time they see them …. ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!! ”

– Arshiya & Javed Kotyad, Bride & Groom

“Thanks for doing such a brilliant job for the pre wedding shoot. You have not just given us photos, but keep-sake memories. Looking forward to the wedding miracle. Thanks for capturing the most special day of our lives in the most beautiful way. Your photos are the best wedding keep-sakes that one could ask for. It’s amazing how you make one still photo speak volumes! Kudos”

– Reshma Dewda, Bride

“The wedding is done…Kimaya and Jaimin are back in the US…and we, the family have no choice but to get back to our daily routines… but one look at the pictures and we are transferred back to that special time…. Thank you for capturing this special occasion and giving us memories that will last a lifetime!”

– Namrata Dixit, Brides Sister 

“We had a great time working with Anshum. Not only does he have an uncanny eye for fleeting candid moments, but he also has a knack of making his subjects feel at ease. He is young, excited about his job and is an overall great choice if you’re looking for a someone to photograph a very personal and important event”

 – Sowmya Katathil, Bride

“I think a good photographer knows empathy like no one else. The kind of dedication, professionalism, expertise Anshum and Sarita exhibit is unmatchable. Indian weddings could be compared to running an organisation where you make pivotal decisions at every step, Anshum M photography was the best decision we made. This ever smiling couple and their team of expert photographers will make the experience memorable not just for you but also the guests coming for the wedding. Be prepared to answer- “who were the photographers? They looked very good.” It was an unforgettable experience working with them, thank you so much both of you, once again!”

– Yugina Sudan, Bride

“Amazing work by Anshum and team.. the quality of work is excellent.. unlike other photographers where they keep asking you to pose in between the ceremony, they knew when to click the perfect moments.. would surely recommend others too. Keep it up!”

– Nikita Parekh, Bride

“Extremely professional, energetic, creative and quick. He was patient with multiple angles and ideas and concepts until he landed the perfect click. He was also open to our suggestions and always tried things differently as well. We also got our pictures in a very short span of time. And they look amazing! Hence… highly recommended!”

– Abhishek Mishra, Pre-Wed Shoot

My wedding day was and will remain one of the most hectic days of my life. That was the day I realised how important it is to surround yourself with people who understand the importance of that day to you. Choosing Anshum M Photography was one of the best decisions we took. Anshum is a great photographer, understanding towards your needs and I feel he goes out of the way to deliver the best outcome. The wedding pictures have come out to be beautiful. Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait so them printed. Great job Anshum and team. I highly recommend Anshum M Photography for candid as well as traditional wedding photography

Neha Taware, Bride

“Organising our wedding involved much decision making and one of the best decisions we made was to choose Anshum as our candid wedding photographer. What they created for us is something we will cherish forever. In every frame, Anshum captured some of the best moments and expressions and he managed to include all of our closest family members in the pictures. Lastly, the service rendered by Anshum was extremely professional and prompt. Thank you very much for making our special day even more special!”

– Sharanya Prasad, Bride

“I spent a lot of time researching wedding photographers because at the end of the day I wanted to have our wedding memories captured on film in a way that would take us back to those moments when we were celebrating with family and friends. Anshum M Photography had the exact aesthetic that I wanted and I am so happy with the results. Anshum was a pleasure to work with and he did a great job getting candid shots of the ceremony and of people that are important to us. I am so overjoyed every time I look at our wedding pictures and that is exactly what I wanted. Thanks Anshum!”

 Hena Sra, Bride

“Anshum and his team are just brilliant. I engaged Anshum to shoot pictures of my daughter’s wedding over a three day period. The results were just outstanding. The album that they made subsequently was very artistic and beautiful. I would recommend Anshum and his team for any photography assignment.”

– C.K Rao, Bride’s Father

The best decision taken for my wedding arrangement was undoubtedly the photography. Anshum, Sarita & team gave their best which was reflected in each & every pic they had shot.  Their talent, professionalism & hospitality ‪‎RESPECT !
They are the photographers anybody would want for their wedding !

Gopi Krishnan, Groom

We were photographer hunting when we came across Anshum M Photography, and while browsing through the website we knew our hunt had ended.  Through out the wedding Anshum and team were in complete stealth mode, we were worried if they managed to capture it all. But when we received the images, every click left us awestruck. All the photographs speak volumes of how passionate Anshum is about his work. All our friends and family are in love with the photographs.  A Big Thanks, to Anshum, Sarita and Team for capturing timeless moments of our wedding that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

Joaquim Rodrigues, Groom

Such a talented Photographer, capturing moments beautifully! Extremely professional, and very well organised. Loved the experience of the pre-wedding photoshoot! The albums and videos have come out so beautifully of the wedding! Can truly relive each moment from the wedding because of your wonderful work! Thank you so much Anshum and co!

Kalyani Pimplay, Bride

“Anshum was one of the options we were looking at, but after having seen the wedding photos for two of our friends’ wedding, we had no doubt that we wanted him for our wedding as well. He (and his team) is very professional, very prompt in replying to all our questions, and took awesome photos! Every time we see the photos, we relive a part of our wedding day. Not only the main wedding rituals but also small moments between those present at the wedding were also beautifully captured. We would absolutely recommend him!!”

 Harshad Desai, Groom

“Wedding” is the most important time of our life when we want everything perfect and according to our own choice as well. This is the special day that we have been waiting for and now when it is finally right around the corner, we don’t want to leave any room for the mistakes and flaws.

The weddings are made perfect; what are left at the end are beautiful memories and these are created by the photographers. After a lot of research and references we received we went to meet Anshum and Sarita. We found their work breath-taking.

The most important aspect of a photographer is to KYC (Know your customer) and to make them comfortable so that the couple can deliver the best shots which they would love their entire life. Anshumm and Sarita are the best in this.

Anshum and Sarita made our pre-wedding shoot special because of their choice of location, their involvement in their work, and ensuring we are comfortable in every shot they took. They made this experience amazing, comfortable, fun and memorable forever.

We saw the photoshoot edits and they were amazing; they surely love their camera and know how to create beautiful memories. We were speechless and completely happy that we had Anshum and Sarita cover our pre-wedding and reception. Every single person who saw the photos commented on how breath taking the photos were. They have established their own touch with their unique sense of beauty, along with special ability of storytelling with their photographs and we love it. Loves to the best photographer couple; thanks for making the important time of our life very special and memorable to cherish all our lives.”

Ashish Joshi,  Pre-Wed Shoot

Anshum and his team covered our wedding last year. His quality and professionalism was nothing short of stunning. We have had a lot of requests to pass on his details – but in order to keep our wedding shots one above the rest – I am hesitant in doing so ;). Definitely recommended, not just for weddings in India – but for any occasion, anywhere in the world.”

Gaurang Patkar, Groom


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