Making Timeless Moments Last Forever!

Life doesn't come with a 'Replay' button. That's what we're here for!

Zillions of moments! That’s the stuff life’s made of. And of those fleeting moments, some are way more precious than others… like those that often zip by on The Wedding Day! But while our own pre-occupation on this biggest day of our lives often prevents us from noticing, identifying, living & enjoying those most precious of moments, thankfully those sneaky little itsy-bitsy pieces of time and memory can be trapped and relived for a lifetime. Cause when the décor is undone and the food is gone, when the rituals are complete and the honeymoon is over; what will matter is the stolen glances and coy smiles, the apparent joy and veiled tears. And that’s where we come in.

Welcome to AM Photography… Wedding Photographers, Film-Makers, Trappers of Moments!

Anshum Mandore

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